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Columbia River Gorge

Exult Road is here to uplift and celebrate life, and you. 

Publishing, Writing, Consulting



Photo© 2014 by Saige Leah Esmaili 

Photo© 2014 by Saige Leah Esmaili 


At Exult Road you'll find material to engage your mind and expand your heart. 



As an author or a reader, find joy in our first publication, The Yes Book©, a collection of writings about the idea of the word "Yes!" from poets, physicists, journalists, novelists, grandpas, coffee baristas, spiritual teachers, social activists, farmers, and youth. 

We also feature poetry, writing, and blog articles on our site soon!


Know Bliss. 

We do not follow or promote any one spiritual path, so we focus on the route to real bliss through acceptance of what we have to work with, and creating what we can. As the authors of our own life, we can, once we have the keys, unlock our vast creative power, liberate our most joyful selves, and know real harmony, real peace.  


Realize Your Perfection.

You are the universe expressing in a physical body. Renew your relationship with yourself, celebrate who you really are, and realize your perfection. 



Submit your stories, poetry, or essays about how you say Yes to life, how you celebrate yourself, or the what you love on your winding journey of awakening. Exult Road publishes creative and compelling works on our site in the Featured Artist area and we  Send your writing (500 words or so max) with a title and text in 14 pt font in a Word document to and include your author bio in italics below the writing in 50 additional words. We will let you know if the writing will be published on the site.