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Minna Aalto

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Minna Aalto

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Minna Aalto has a Masters Degree in Nordic literature and resides in Turku, a big enough small town on the southwest coast of Finland, and shares a precious everyday with her life partner, Michl Britsch. In addition to dancing, reading, and writing, Minna recharges her batteries in Yin Yoga, on walks, and through meaningful, deep-diving conversations with friends. She is also quite fond of heartfelt silliness. Minna started learning English at the age of 11, and English has become her soul language. In 2007, she founded Dakinia, a company focusing on delivering the message of Nia, a holistic movement form, giving courses on alternative takes on entrepreneurship and living, empowering women especially. Minna writes about her journey with Nia in her Finnish blog Nian matkassa, shares her poetry on, and composes and performs her own music as Minna Twice.