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Maria Kute

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Maria Kute

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Maria Kute is a reformed academic of the English variety (M.A., literature, University of South Florida) and an unapologetic perpetual student of music, creative writing, communication disorders, psychology, and the Internets at large. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she has taught piano and voice to many students in the Tampa Bay Area, and introductory writing and research courses to several college students of Clovis Community College, Eastern New Mexico University, and the University of South Florida. Within a few years, she hopes to finish her (re-) schooling and practice as a speech language pathologist, for she stands awestruck by the human ability to learn and utilize language in all its complexity, wonder, and abstraction. Currently, she is a resident of Las Vegas. When she hasnt been able to convince her husband to enjoy the gluttons paradise that Vegas offers, she watches her two dogs and cat goof off, makes giant pitchers of green and herbal teas, hikes, and studies for her communication disorders degree online with Utah State University.