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Exult Road is here to uplift and celebrate life, and you. 

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Jill L. Cooper

Jill L. Cooper is a poet and writer. Her writing has appeared in print literary journals, The Raven ChroniclesThe Floating Bridge ReviewShark Reef Literary Magazine, as well as online magazines, Rewire MeThe Rebelle Society, HIV Here & Now, and others. Cooper’s poetry has been anthologized in Silent Applause of Butterflies (Columbia Center for the Arts, 2014), Pontoon (Floating Bridge, 2015), Delirious—A Tribute to Prince (Night Ballet Press, 2016), and in I Only Wanted to See You Laughing (Yellow Chair Review, 2016), and others. She was the creator and editor of The Yes Book (Exult Road, 2014). Cooper has served as the Executive Director of a Buddhist publishing house, and as a consultant to publishers, and as an author coach. She is currently working on a book-length collection of prose poetry, and on a collection of lyrical essays. Cooper lives in the beautiful Palouse region of Washington state. In all her work, she intends to affirm and celebrate existence. To contact her, write to jillcooper11 at gmail dot com. 

Heaven Is Now.

Jill Cooper

Freedom, by Jill Cooper, Exult Road

Freedom, by Jill Cooper, Exult Road

Often hidden in the "problem" rests the key to freedom. Peel off the bitter rind of what seems like an "issue" and relish what you have been given, what you have created, what you feel—bittersweet as it may be. 


Not as a "lesson" or an "obstacle to overcome," but expect that joy can surprise you even amidst a knot of frustration. 


Slow down and feel everything.


The fruit of joy can so often appear where you least expected it! Let every so-called problem have a chance to present its gifts to you.


Heaven is always now. 


 Jill Cooper

Exult Road