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If you were left with only one word, what would it be?

Come join us on a magical journey, with The Yes Book

This phenomenal breakthrough book TO BE RELEASED NOVEMBER, 2014 is an anthology of award-winning authors writing about the power of the word Yes published by Exult Road. Seventy-two authors describe stories of transformation and hope, the challenge of life-changing decisions, and the magic of Yes in everyday life. 

Storytellers breathe Yes through the life of their characters. Poets extol the power of Yes in love and loss. Spiritual teachers reveal the secret of Yes in the heart. A neurologist explains how using the word Yes positively changes the chemistry of the brain. 

A profound artistic study of Yes in all its multiplicity. More than a feel-good anthology, The Yes Book is a record of ways and reasons to say Yes to every emotion under the sun. The book itself is a transformational device; a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.  


The Yes Book, cover illustration by Marleen Renders

The Yes Book, cover illustration by Marleen Renders

It was delightful to experience the varied, rich, creative expressions in this poignant collection and I recommend exploring it to anyone who wants to better understand what embracing “yes” truly means.
— Mira Kelley, Author "Beyond Past Lives"

What does Yes mean to you?