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When I Finally said YES to the Knocking in My Soul.

The Yes Book Blog

When I Finally said YES to the Knocking in My Soul.

Jill Cooper

Would you ignore a knocking in your solar plexus, a

Hounding call like the one I felt inside for years? This

Essentially may be common, though I’m not sure. I told mine, I’m

Not grown up enough to give you air.


I am missing self-confidence. I carry


Fear, and

It’s just

Not the right time.

Anyway, I’m busy

Living my life and

Loving my family.

Yes, said the knock, and I will keep knocking. I am your


Soul calling you to the highest path that’s yours,

A journey only you can take.

I moved with my spouse to the mountains of North Carolina,

Died to the dream when he asked for divorce, and my soul said,


You need this darkness. You’re going to transmute it.

Excellent, I thought…(not really)…as I couldn’t

Sleep, and I cried a lot at this surprising


Trauma to all the illusions of my long-time marriage.

Over it, somewhat, I did my best to cradle my broken heart


Through a banquet of

Healing treatments, unwinding my compacted frame against life,

Entering a sacred journey-


Kicking an addiction to television, and

Nestling into a cozy house,

Opening myself to silence, to grace, to angels,

Communing in new ways with heaven and earth,

Kneeling on the floor in praise. And before

I knew it, my soul’s idea was

New in the world, and I was standing on the

Grass smiling for a photo, wearing one of my creations.


Imagine how I must have felt!

No more knocking inside from my soul. Soon, it was time to place


My photo into the robin’s egg blue frame I’d bought

Years earlier, the one with a


Striped cat, and a nattily-dressed girl with pigtails sticking

Out like Pippi. Oh…pause to envision this moment…I hear an

Undeniable, heaven-sent, thunderous celebration when I

Lay my photo down into the frame.

By Joy Resor, 2014