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Jill Cooper






Asserting itself

In a word

In a surge 

Into a faithfulness


Someone else's 'Yes'

May be your 'No'

Emerging deep from your soul

Sometimes rooted 

In the fragile balance of doubt

Eyes closed


The closeness 

The danger

The fight

And the evident outcome yet

Mingled together

Extending into each other

In perfect




The 'No' of the questioning

The 'yes' of the assertion


For each 'yes'

The necessary, unavoidable 'No'

The non-acceptance 

Of what makes an insult

To our common sense

The counterpoint

Both moving oppositely

But  on the same wave


A word

Abstract in its positiveness

A strength

A recognition

A desire



The strongest 'Yes'

The soft caress

Of your lips upon mine

A logic in itself

The inner strength 

Of conviction


By Danielle Baraka




Poet bio: Danielle Baraka works as a primary school teacher in a small French village in the area of Limousin, not far from Limoges, France, her native country. She has two daughters and loves writing, reading, cinema, poetry and is a big film lover. She grew up in the Paris area and later attended Jussieu University where she studied English and attained her Master's degree with the talented film critic Michel Ciment. Danielle started writing poetry in English a few years ago and published her first book: 'Words Of Steel And Velvet' at She is currently working on the edition of a second poetry book : 'Dark Song from a Timeless Dream' and on a collection of short stories called: 'The Empty Chair.'