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Photo: Michelle,  Brown Eyed Baker

Photo: Michelle,  Brown Eyed Baker

Life, for all of its variety and complexity, at heart is really very simple.  Follow a few simple rules and you will find your stay on Earth to be quite pleasant.  In the interest of helping my fellow humans, I would like to offer some advice about one such rule.

It’s about pie, or as some people pronounce it, “pah.” The following is my simple rule: if you are in a place that is known for their pie, such as a mom and pop diner, a Marie Callender’s, or any place that boasts “pie” in the name such as “The Pie Hole.” “House of Pies,” or “Life of Pie” then I don’t care what else you eat there, you must end your visit with pie.

It does not matter which one you choose. You may order a cream pie, a custard pie, or a fruit pie. Any one will do; just make sure you order some pie! Get your own slice or, if calories are an issue, share a slice with your meal companion(s).

Even if the dinner conversation sucked; even if your spouse of 50 years just broke up with you over dinner by telling you that she’s been dating your best friend for the past 40 years and the kids aren’t even yours; no one, and I mean NO ONE, ever feels lousy after eating pie!


By Albert Camacho, Jr.