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Columbia River Gorge

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Jill Cooper

morning dew.jpg



Is the splash of berry through softened green, 


And, the hanging wisps of Wisteria trees.


It is the glistening of the morning dew, 


That adorns the earth in brilliant jewel.






Is the sultriness of the Summer rose, 


and, the hint of Honeysuckle on an evening stroll.


It’s that brush of Forsythia’s against faded trim, 


And, the bursting blooms of Magnolia limb. 





Is the pageantry of painted Peonies,



Posted proudly o'er their mid-day tea;



It’s the hushed crescendo of cricket’s bow, 



The brisk staccato of the Woodpecker’s ‘show’. 


red porch swing.jpg



And, as I settle back into this old porch swing, 




I see...




That these are the gifts my 'yes' will bring.



By Tara Lemieux



Poet bio: Tara Lemieux is a mindful wanderer, spirited inspirationalist and weaver of words. Although, she may appear to be listening with great care – rest assured, she is most certainly lost in thought. She is an ardent explorer and lover of finding things previously undiscovered or at the very least mostly not-uncovered. To find Tara and read more of her musings, visit: