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The Short Way Home - a poetry blog

Shocked, Again

Jill Cooper

The moment is a ticket,

the opportunity of every

moment, given

to a great joy ride

on an endless loop of



Fascinating details!

Holy dramas! Freedom's

strange logic!

Hilarious serendipities,

and divinity

everywhere in the shape

of your child, a love's face,


A candle flame, a new

stranger, spooning cats, sweet

animals, roses dying,

favorite mountains, a

feather, some honey, great

Lego towers, great rescues,

time's tricks,

dust in the sun.

It is

a generous serving of peace-if-you-



It is

a love-zealot's organic

mix of lazy productivity

and sturdy freedom poetry.

It is

the gift

of the opportunity

to notice

-no matter what- that


Moments are yours

for the unwrapping.


Moments are for thank you,

and for making, and

for helping.


This gift - a bright, sparkling

invitation to be shocked

again by how much

you can love.

And then again,

there is another



To be alive.

To be alive

in an endless

loop of grace.


--By Jill Cooper

©Exult Road, 2013