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The Short Way Home - a poetry blog

Queen of the New Renegade

Jill Cooper

This should get up and make you clap your hands.

This should swing you in its rhythmic charms.

Should this find you lying on your bed staring,

this should take your hand and come with you

to a place at the banks of your Will, where

the drums are beating in the night under the light,

where constellations are spinning

around like dervishes, like Spanish dancers, for

you in your dreaming room under your pink chandelier.


This should find your soft skin and rip off its

bandages fast, like big love, like the jangling hope

in your pockets on a big O-ring, like a lily waiting,

rising, writhing to the quick pulse of the right idea

while all the small creatures climb up nearby trees,

just skips ahead of the tidal wave of your jail break,

and in your great sucking of air, as your turned-up face

lifts through the surface to infinity and infinity

is not a word for the temple it's a word for you.


It's a goblet for your passion and grace, it is the way

your brain melts down the braided shackles

around your wrists, around your waist, around your

wry curling smile, and yeses. Your profound yes.

Your serious yes. Serious as pie with time.

Serious as the  memory that resonates

and warms you as it spreads out across the

swale of your eight arms, and wet, soft heart.

This should find you waking up to a new day.


This should find you waking up healed, and

twisting the universe around your beautiful

finger as if it's a strand of gems, or your escaped curl.

This should follow you up the long hall into

 the living room where the sun is lounging,

waiting for your bright strutting smile to cut

through all the slam and outrage and waiting

and spread this new day on some toast with jam.

This should blossom big in your glass tea pot.


This should make you kiss-rich.

This should make you wait-free.

This should make your arms rise up in a rousing "V"!

This should make you shake and sparkle.

This should make you unafraid.

This should crown you joy-queen of the new renegade.


--Jill Cooper

©Exult Road