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The Short Way Home - a poetry blog

The Short Way Home

Jill Cooper

Smile with your


Smile with your soft hair. 

Smile with your race


Smile from your inner


your vastness, from the rings

around your moons. 


Smile as you walk around

the lip of the bay. 

Smile as you skinny dip into

the song. 

Smile while you make

noodles and watch 

them smile while they 

devour your delicious red 

sauce with their 

creaky teeth and opening



Smile when she comes 

home, whispering

and calling your name, 

around the squeaky door,

and testy cat. 

Smile softly like a Buddha. 

Smile brazenly like a sun. 

Smile inside like


whistling as it works.


Smile from your bath.

Smile at Plutonic tropes.

Smile into the barycenter

of your life. 

Smile when you lose. 

Smile when you win. 


Map the future

you desire, across your 

soft face. 

Beneath the arching

pink skies, let

your smile unlock

ten thousand doors. 


Don't smile for the 

world! Your smile is

hinged upon you. 

Your smile is your 

anniversary gift,

to each living cell

of You. 


Each organ pipe

flowing with

your teeth on lip,

your teeth upturned

like stars to the 

unknown heavens,

your diaphragm

spread full and wide

with so much more

than hope. 


Your smile is your

heart's beacon.  

Smile not to flash

them away, not

to bring them 



Smile, softly, now

as a lamp to

your inner good, 

to the vaults of your

salvation and

libraries of your

choices. Smile

and sway and bend

as a school of fish.  



with your full inky 

heart. Smile from 

the inside out. Feel that?

Smile, just

to take the shortcut



--Jill Cooper

©Exult Road