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The Short Way Home - a poetry blog


Jill Cooper

Yes to this day.

Yes to your body.

Yes to what your body


Yes, to the insides

of flowers.

Yes to opera. Yes to trees.

Yes, to being late.

Yes to driving

the kids back and

forth back and

forth and back.

Yes to home.

Yes to your lover.

Yes to being


Yes to your dreams.

Yes to your best stories.

Yes to feeling

everything you feel.

Yes to feeling,

anything you feel.

Yes, yes. yes.

Yes to avocado skins

in the sun on

the counter of your

 ideas. Yes

to vacations with

people you like.

Yes to the talking person

on the plane.

Yes to the crying babies.

Yes to your best work.

Yes to your effortless

work. Yes to your watch.

Yes to tea and chocolate.

Yes to waiting. Yes

to finding out the

truth. Yes, to trying and

not trying. Yes to saying

no. Yes, to beets. Yes

to soft towels and knowing

how to say yes to your life.

Yes to all life. Yes to a

conscious love on the planet.

Yes to peace, yes

to what is. Yes to

peace. Yes to yes.

Yes to Browning, and

Keats. Yes to Sandburg

and Oliver. Yes to Dylan

and strum. Yes to storm

and sun. Yes to yes. Yes

to soup, and to sleeping

and to eternal yeses.

Yes to permission and

to magnets, to bells, and

magnificence. Yes to your

smile, to your slowness,

to your waiting. Yes

to your impatience to your

glory to your determination

Yes to your effortlessness.


to the velvet underneath

your tongue. Yes to your

smile to your chin to your

eyes. Yes to your creations

Yes to your go. Yes to your

stop. Yes to the class, the

kitchen, the lab, the beach,

the greenhouse, the concrete

city, the sea. Yes to resilience,

and yes to to going toward.

Yes to dropping resistance,

yes to softening. Yes to yes.

Yes to that dance creeping

up your spine. Yes to

presents, the snow plough,

the car, the paint.

Yes to the dogwood,

the rose, the cat. Yes to

feeling good, yes to crying

sometimes, yes to today.

Yes to now. Yes to you.


--By Jill Cooper

©Exult Road, 2013