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Exult Road is here to uplift and celebrate life, and you. 

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Submission Guidelines


Go ahead, put it down.

Your pen won’t cringe.

Your paper won’t shudder.

Go ahead, start the ink.

Follow it to the bottom

of the page.

You’ll find it there.

It’s waiting,

patient and unafraid.

It holds something

you’ve been wanting.

It’s yours.

It is the most perfect thing

about you.

Go ahead,

take the Yes.
— Maureen Buchanan Jones

Express Yourself On Exult Road. 


We delight in your self-expression! We want to see your new creations in any form: essay, poetry, story; photography, art, video; music or craft for the Exult Road website. We are especially interested in awakened, literary, original, bright, divinely-inspired works, resonant with loving genius. We especially enjoy exultant works about saying Yes.  

Whether you are an established novelist with a wall of awards, a contemplative guru, a passionate scientist, a scholar or a journalist, an affirmative poet, or a writer just beginning to spread your artistic wings—we would like to hear from you.

We are thrilled to witness and share your original creations. It’s one of the reasons Exult Road website exists—to share great writing and phenomenal art with other inspired artists, powerhouse creators, and the whole world.

Together with you, lovelies, we intend to create joy. For us, heaven is here and now. Join us!


Please send your submissions to


Submissions Guidelines (Website):


Please include (in one email) your submission in 14 pt font in an attachment (preferably Word) that includes a short bio in third person in the same document. 


We seek original work (well-edited writing and high resolution art images), but may consider work previously published with relevant attribution. 


We welcome images to accompany writing. If you include images, please provide relevant attribution.


Word count: No minimum. Maximum 600 words. If your story, essay, or poem is longer than 600 words, you may email a couple paragraphs summarizing the work. 



Submission Guidelines (book-length print projects):


Please email a summary, first chapter, table of contents, and author bio.


We encourage future book authors to first send shorter pieces for the Exult Road website. 


Response for submissions: If works for the website are accepted, articles take several weeks to go live. The work will be edited by our editing team, and you will have a chance to review it before it’s published on the site.


Here are a few questions our pieces should answer with a Yes, before we publish them on our site.

Does it inspire the heart, awaken the soul, or illuminate the mind?

Writing doesn't have to be lofty to awaken readers to their own authentic realities. It might be humorous, it might be stunningly beautiful, and it might run the gamut of emotional range, but we want to see that it makes the world a bit brighter. 


Does it express your authentic self in terms specific to your experience?

We’d like to wander through the halls of your brilliant expressions of wisdom, imagination, and illuminating experiences. The writing should have your "stamp" on it. If no one else could have written what you wrote, or created the reality you did, and you love it, then we’d love to read it! 



Book or Music Promotions. 

If you’d like to advertise your new book, music or art, and are interested in sharing the creative story behind your work, email us at

We’ll get back to you with our rates and details of the agreement.

For books, we will share up to 1000 words and will ask for your bio, bio photo, and book purchasing details.

For music, we will ask you to write at least a 400 word intro and will ask for your bio, bio photo and music sharing details.

For art, we weill as you to write at least a 200 word intro and will ask for your bio, bio photo and art purchasing details. 


For additional information on publishing, copyrights and privacy on Exult Road, see our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.