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The Yes Book Call for Submissions

The word Yes invokes a variety of responses from a sensation of excitement, to an attitude of acceptance, pleasure, or anticipation. Saying the word Yes generates happy chemicals in the body. Even saying Yes to things we don't like releases a clamp-hold on "no," landing us square in the here and now. "Yes! And where are we going next?"

Exult Road  launches with our first book, a collection of your statements, and artistic written expressions about the word Yes. The interest in this project has been astoundingly positive so far, both from authors and future readers. The published contributors will include a range of well-known authors and brand new voices. Contributors are welcome to send an author bio including your website and contact information if you would like that to be included in The Yes Book. Submission guidelines are near the end of this event page. 

What do you embrace?

To what would you like to say Yes?

What does Yes mean to you, to your tribe, for the world?

Is there a creative energy, generative hope, or existential power in Yes? If so, what is it? 

Say Yes to everything you can quickly. What does this idea mean for you? 

If you transcend the Yes/No polarity, what does new Yes mean now? 

In her blog, writer and teacher Heather Rader suggests that sometimes poems speak to each other. We love this idea. How about responding to a poem you love with one of your own? 

Neuroscience has revealed that we humans come with a negativity bias built in. Humans on default thinking mode will most often see the glass half empty through a 'no' filter because this is how our ancestors survived. The one who saw the moving grass as a dangerous lion, rather than a jumping rabbit was more likely to live! If you relate most to this, how does that precious rare Yes, or the contrast with seeing the glass half empty play out for you? 

How about indubitably, hell ya, yep, yeah, yay? 

Responses to these questions can be in any format you would like. You can answer one or more of the questions or feel free to raise different questions and answer them, or express a creative response to a feeling Yes opens up in you. 

You can express yourself with prose, poetry, or art. The format can be a play, a letter to a future self, a joke, a song lyric, an essay, a diary entry, an etymological survey, a poem. You can write on the history, the psycho-spritual, the psychological impact, the beauty, the symbolism, or the humor of Yes. We welcome well-reasearched essays, as well as pure creative works of imagination. 

The final collection will be a sparkling diversity of voices that create a lasting, uplifting, invigorating lens to the heart and a reflection of what many have observed as a facet of the zeitgeist of today: an increasing spirit of hope, creativity, understanding, and connection. It will present the creative power we think lies in the word Yes, and the negative space around it. Readers will feel it. They will cherish this book, give it as gifts, keep it by their bedside, pick it up again and again, be moved, opened, maybe even changed. The length can be anything from a single sentence to 1500 words. However, if you want to contribute a longer piece, please send a brief explanation and sample of the project. To special requests and original ideas, we are likely to say, Yes. 

We love creativity, uplift, art, philosophical and spiritual wisdom, humor, inspiration, and raw authenticity of voice. We will have our eyes open for lyrical beauty, courage, audacity, ethical depth, rich humor, powerful descriptions of personal experience, originality of thought, and that which moves the reader -especially toward freedom and joy - most. Even if the work must take the reader through a shadowy valley to get there, all works in the collection may evoke strong emotion, or keys to new thought, through a deep, thriving sense of possibility and at least a celebratory undertow of life, and whatever or whomever you view as the source of life. 

The Yes Book will be a gritty exultation! 

We are hoping that authors will contribute their pieces in exchange for copies of The Yes Book and in order to be a part of this dynamic project. However, we have no intention of taking advantage of any author and, if anyone would like to write or contribute art for this collection but needs to be paid for accepted works, by all means let us know, and we will work something out. The Yes Book will be as widely distributed as possible in the trade. 

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2014, though it would be good to know now if you plan to send us anything. Include your name and title of the work as a header in a text document. Please email your submission to publisher at exultroad dot com. Your name and contact information, and the word YES should be included as a header on each page of the numbered document. The submission should be edited and free of errors. Include your short author bio. Please make sure you type The Yes Book Submission in the subject line of the submission email. If you want to send a printout of anything or art, please email me and I will send you the mailing address to send printed materials. If you'd like feedback on a draft you have started, I will be happy to work with you, just send a request and your draft via email.

We expect many submissions, so send your best work. Submissions that are not selected for the book may be shared on the Exult Road website. 

If you are interested in helping with this project in any way, from design work, editing, marketing or funding, please let me know. 

Thank you, with all my heart, 


Jill Cooper, Publisher

Exult Road